Gate Automation

Gate Automation is the one of the best technology of 21st century which allows you comfortable living and saving more and more energy and manpower.

Imagine pulling through your automated gates to see your drive to welcome you home. Enjoy the convenience of opening your gate without going near the gate! Battery operated remote controlled automatic gate motor! Do you want to open and close your gate at the touch of a button? While staying inside the comfort of your home or in your car, do not bother to say “OPEN SEASAM” like Alibaba said – just gently push the button on the remote – your gate is opened! The gate closes automatically once the person or vehicle gets in or out.

Make your home safe and secure! Prevent unauthorized entry! Add some comfort into your life style!


Gate automation are used for all type of gates like sliding gate, swing gate, retractable gate, etc. We are able to provide you complete solution for all types of gates.


  • Traditional
  • Quick opening
  • Choice of opening direction-

        inwards or outwards

  • Compatible with slope opening


  • Modern
  • Attractive
  • Requires a horizontal surface

Automatic obstacle detection: 

the motor stops instantly.

Automatic closure programming

after passing through or a set time.


if the power fails.

Partial opening

to let pedestrians or bikes through.

Protection against attempted break-in

when the motor is pushed, forced opening is almost impossible.

Ready for home automation and connected house

Automatic Swing Gates

  • Swing gates are probably the most popular & widely used of all, as they present well and are very functional. They are ideal where driveway access is critical.
  • The gates can be designed to swing either inward or outward.
  • We manufacture a precision range of automatic swing gates in different compact designs, tolerances and are extremely easy to install.
  • These are specifically designed to suit all architectural designs and are provided with self-locking electro-mechanical operator.
  • Ideally our all automatic swing gates are set up on a structural metal frame; good quality pivots (hinges) or wheels
  • Swing Gate Automation makes your life more comfortable, easy and beautiful.
  • Forget the inconvenience of having to open and close your gate manually; with one simple movement you can operate it from the comfort of your home or car or anywhere in the world

Automatic Sliding Gates

  • Sliding gate automation are depends on gear teethes and moved by motor which make movement through its gear and worm. A flat gear or rack attaches to the side of the gate and the pinion gear on the motor winds the gate open and closed.
  • Models available with frequent, heavy and intensive duty rating
  • Electromechanical actuators ensures highly maintenance free and silent operation
  • Provision for manual operation in case of power failure
  • Model with articulated arms for gates not perfectly vertical and/or with wide pillars, underground operators are also available for ornamental gates
  • Built-in anti-crushing safety
  • Advance electronic control unit permits operation time adjustment, partial opening, automatic closing, step by step control, stop safety, reverse safety & many more such operations